Sports and Recreational Diving

There is an increasing interest in scuba diving as a sport. However certain medical conditions may be dangerous due to the pressures a diver is subjected to.

On first taking up diving, a medical questionnaire needs completing. If this brings up any problems then you need medical advice and probably a medical examination from a doctor with diving medicine experience.

Current divers may wish to check their fitness to dive after a diving incidents, a new medical problem, or just because they are feeling old!
I am happy to offer advice/examination for freediving (AIDA) enquiries.
The forms/questionnaires are different for PADI, AIDA or BSAC but are similar in requirements.
[PADI Medical Statement nb:PDF]
[BSAC Medical Referees Form nb:PDF]
[AIDA AIDA Medical Form nb:PDF]



The Sports/Recreational Diving Medical
The medical involves checking your medical history, a general examination paying particular attention to your ears, heart and lungs, and tests to your lungs and urine.

This will allow a decision to find you either fit to dive, not fit to dive, or fit to dive within certain limits. The examination will take about 20 minutes.

£40. Telephone advice will not be charged.


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