Offshore Certification

Workers in the offshore environment need medical certification to confirm medical fitness for training and working in the offshore environment.

Offshore medical will cover basic medical checks and hearing test, spirometry and visual capacity (Don't wear contact lenses; bring glasses if needed).
Certification will relate to UK sector (UKOG) (Norwegian Sector have agreed to accept UKOG certification since 2014).
Certification will last for 2 years from the date of a successful Medical if no medical problems identified and will be provided at the end of the medical.
Please bring proof of ID e.g. Passport or picture driving licence.

For Non-Diving offshore medicals £120, payable by cash or cheque.
Receipt given.

Maritime Certification

Medical fitness relates to seafarers (ENG1) or coastal (ML5) fitness.


Seafarers Medicals are undertaken at a cost of £80 in line with MCA guidelines.
Unless this is your first ENG1 medical, you must bring your previous ENG1 certificate. Also your seamans discharge book and/or valid passport.
Don't wear contact lenses for the medical, bring glasses if needed. Avoid loud noises for 16 hours prior to the medical as there will be a hearing test.
MCA ENG1 examination advice (here)

Coastal (ML5)

Coastal (ML5) medicals are undertaken at a cost of £40. Please bring proof of ID and ML5 form.

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