Commercial and HSE - Approved Diving Medical

The requirements for commercial diving are more stringent and mandatory than for recreational diving.

In its Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) the HSE has listed five working practices for each area of commercial diving:

- Offshore commercial
- Inland commercial
- Media
- Archaeology
- Recreational instructor e.g. PADI

Each person needs an initial thorough medical, and subsequent annual medicals, bearing in mind the relevant ACoPs.

The diver leaves with certification, a full copy of the medical and HSE in Liverpool will be informed to update their register



The Commercial/HSE Diving Medical
Medicals involve checking personal details, previous medical details and log books (for annual review), then a thorough examination which includes a full hearing test, a detailed lung test (spirometry), a heart tracing (ECG) and a step test exercise assesment under monitoring.

Initial examination may include blood testing (full blood count), and completion of the initial HSE questionnaire and confirmation by your GP.

You can download the complete HSE Questionnaire here

Letter to GP here

Please bring along confirmation of personal details (eg: driving license, passport), log books, Qualification Cards and any previous dive medical forms, as well as a pair of trainers!

180, payable by cash or cheque.
[PADI/Recreational instructors 100]
Receipt given.
Complimentary offshore certification included if needed.


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